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Starring: Ram Charan Teja,Tamanna,Ajmal
Director: Sampath Nandi
Producer: N.V.Prasad,Paras Jain
Banner: Mega Super Good Films PVT LTD
Music: Mani Sharma

Betting Raj (Charan) is famous for his clever bets, and for earning huge money for a cause he gets into betting with James (Ajmal Ameer) for 20 Lakhs to make the Chaitra (Tamanna), a billionaire fall for him. He comes to the city on this purpose and joins as a medico in a college where Chaitra studies. Finally, Chaitra falls in love with Raj after few incidents. Meanwhile, Ballari (Mukesh Rishi), a powerful mining don enters the scene as Chaitra’s father and where this story leads to is to be watched on the big-screens.
Ram Charan is terrific in the film. His desperation to score a hit can be seen on screens. Watching Charan’s body language reminds you of Chiranjeevi and the fans will definitely enjoy it. His energy levels are high in fights, dances. Ram Charan sure gets nearer to masses with Racha.
Tamanna looked extremely hot in the film. She is on par with Ram Charan in dances and it’s a visual feast to watch her in Vana Vana song. She has set the screens on fire with her scintillating moves and expressions. Tammu has always been evolving as an actor and she sure seem to be reaching top chair.
Brahmanandam is hilarious as dance master Rangeela, Ali, Jayaprakash Reddy, Dharamavarapu Subramanyam brought few laughs. Parthiban is brief but leaves an impact, Ajamal Ameer is impressive, Mukesh Rishi, Kota Srinivasa Rao turned out good villains.
Technical Analysis
The film is technically brilliant with producers spending lavishly on the product without any compromise. Sameer Reddy’s cinematography is on top notch. The exotic locales are beautiful captured. Mani Sharma’s music is fine with title track and Dillaku Dillaku being ear-pleasing while Vana Vana is shot aesthetically. Background score is an asset again elevating lot of action scenes. Dialogues by Paruchuri Brothers are on expected note. Editing is not smooth, Action sequences are choreographed well.
Plus points:
Ram Charan, Tamanna’s performances
Song Pictursations
Background score
Minus points
Routine & predictable story
Few logical errors
After the disastrous Orange, Ram Charan took a long break to get back in form and Racha is definitely such a film to prove his capabilities. This time he did not try to experiment but went formulaic to establish himself and is in desperation to score a hit. And Racha worked for this. Sampath Nandi as said earlier, he did not get a great story for Racha but took the maximum care on screenplay and commercial format and tried to elevate the hero’s character. Sampath seem to have kept fans in his mind and his aim was to impress all the fans and he succeeded in it. The songs are the visual feast. Ram Charan has stunned with his dances in Title track and Dillaku, though the latter was in wrong placement. Scenes like Ram Charan doing Shankar Dada MBBS, proposing the lead lady, Charan-Brahmi combo scenes got thunderous response.
The first half of Racha was quite entertaining with good comedy, fights and dances while the second half unfolds the story and the much talked bamboo fight sequence came out well. With a good twists and twirls and a powerful climax, second half turned a good watch.
Content wise, Racha is not a unique one but it does not fail to impress you or keep you engrossed with the good entertainment. And with the long weekend ahead and no big release in the coming week, Racha assures to turn commercial hit.
Final Verdict
Racha is extremely enjoyable to all the fans while it also makes a decent watch to mass masala movie lovers. Watch it!!!

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