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Love Quotes

Oh, if we could only all be William Shakespeare! While some of us are blessed with a silver tongue and a flowing pen, others need a little help now and then.

In the old days, finding quotes of love required a trip to the library and pouring through endless books of quotes and prose. It was hit and miss whether you’d ever be able to find what was truly in your heart.

But today, thanks to the Internet and specifically websites devoted to quotes of love, such as:, you can find the perfect quote for any occasion, whether it is a profession of your undying love, a sentimental toast for a wedding, or a thoughtful line or two for Valentine’s Day.

Of course, romance isn’t a seasonal pursuit. The arrows of love can strike at any time and you can’t always wait around for a holiday to express your feelings. Far better to go online and find the great quotes of love you need any time, day or night. is a perfect example of how you can find the right quote quickly and easily. Quotes of love are arranged by the type of feeling you’re having. As you know, all expressions of love are not created equally.

If you just want to do a little flirting or show your affection, you don’t want to mistakenly send off a quote that is all about commitment and marriage. If you do, you could accidentally find yourself walking down the aisle, wondering how it all happened.

For those who do want to deepen their commitment and perhaps enter into the holy bonds of matrimony, there’s no shortage of beautiful, thoughtful quotes of love, many from the masters of romance.

Searching for these gems, whether they are cute boyfriend love quotes, sweet love quotes or those of deep yearning and desire, is easy. With just a few quick clicks of a button you can select a genre, scroll through the quotes and choose the one that perfectly captures the very essence of your feelings.

If you’re a romantic but not a sappy romantic, you can find funny love quotes as well that will leave a smile on your loved one’s face while touching their heart. There are really quotes for nearly any stage of love imaginable, from teen love and the love of a husband or wife to the words that perfectly capture the feeling of heartbreak and final goodbyes.

So how do you go about selecting the perfect quotes of love?

Start by searching your heart for how you’re feeling. Is it pleasure or pain? Joy or heartache? Is it a crush or as yet unrequited love? Start looking through the thousands of quotes of love, taking into account your own personality and your way of saying things. If you don’t really appreciate the quotes of love from Robert Browning but love a good punch line instead, don’t go against your instincts. Let your heart guide you to the right quotes of love, not your mind.

If you have a favorite author, celebrity or philosopher, you can also search by their name. A lot of people have a favorite poet or author, such as Lord Byron, Elizabeth Barrett Browning or Ralph Waldo Emerson. Others, like their quotes to be from someone a little more current, going with Robin Williams instead of William Shakespeare.

The good news is there are quotes of love for every occasion and every one. Fortunately, plenty of romantics have walked this world before us—so many that you never really have to be worried about not having the right words.

Somewhere out there, the right quotes of love are waiting for you to discover them. And thanks to sites like, they are easier than ever to find and share with those you love.

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