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Tips To Protect Yourself From Winter Allergies

Your skin is prone to damage in the winter season. Cracked skin and peeling of lips is a common problem nearly everyone faces. Moreover, despite the sun being at its least bright, it would be unwise to ignore the problem of ultra violet rays.

Save your skin from the sun

During winter you need to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. The sun rays can make you suffer from severe rashes and skin allergies. So, do not forget to use a good quality sunscreen that guards against the ill-effects of the ultra violet rays. Look for a sunscreen with the label SPF 15 or above.


You need to apply moisturisers to your skin for treating the dry condition. Rather than using the usual petroleum jelly, it is advisable that you prefer the lotions that contain vegetable oils and aloe vera. Mineral oils should be avoided as they clog your pores.

Treating rough skin area

If you have a rough and chapped area on the skin, rubbing a vitamin E capsule directly on it can help to treat the condition.

Do not go near smokers

Your problems of coughing and breathing is only going to get aggravated by sitting close to smokers. This is especially true for people more sensitive to allergies in winter.

Keep away from these foods

Cheese, ice-cream, yoghurt, banana, cucumber and eggs can cause allergic reaction to some in winter. Particularly the asthma patients would be well advised to avoid these foods. Instead take to fresh fruit juices and green tea. They give relief in your condition and also boost immunity.

Avoid alcohol

You do not want to bring your immunity down in winter, as you need your body to fight against its harshness. Alcohol robs your body of vitamins and has a skin ageing effect.

Intake of protein rich food

Protein rich foods or those that have a lot of omega 3 fatty acids must form a part of your diet in winter. Some foods that contain these are soya bean, pumpkin seeds and walnuts. The anti-inflammatory properties of these foods make you stronger from within to fight the severities of winter.
Follow the tips given here to safeguard your health during winter and protect yourself from the usual health conditions people suffer from in the season.

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