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Naa Istam Movie Riview

Naa Istam Movie Riview

Cast: Rana Daggubati, Genelia D'Souza, Harshvardhan Rane
Direction: Prakash Tholeti
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Avg Readers Rating: 3

Story: Two things stand out about this romantic entertainer - the quirky dialogues and the eccentric lead character. Rana has all the best dialogues, and he mouths them with a very whacky coastal Andhra twang that is amusingly entertaining.

Movie Review: Here are a few that take the cake. "Preminchadamu thappu kanappudu, a premani kapadukodam kosam abaddam aadatam kuda thappu kadu" (If falling in love is not a mistake then lying to save your love is also not a mistake) . . . "Avathalollaki nachche la unte manchodu anataru, ade manki nachche la unte selfishgadu antaru. Manaki rendode best" (If you do things that please others, you are regarded as good guy and if you do things to please yourself ,then you are branded selfish. But I prefer the second category)... Nenu avakasalakosam eduruchudanu, vasthe vadulukonu (I don't sit and wait for opportunities to come my way . If it comes my way, I don't let it go)

The dialogues give you a fair idea about Ganesh (Rana) and where he's coming from. His father disappears, leaving him an inheritance of a debt of Rs 25 lakh. His loving mother dies, waiting for her estranged husband to return. He lives with his uncle who runs a photo studio in Malaysia and grows up to be a self-centered young man who believes in putting self interest above everything else. Well he has a kind side too, but it surfaces only after a few rounds of alcohol.

One night, in one such a state of alcohol-induced state, he doles out Rs 10 lakhs to rescue Krishnaveni (Genelia) from a gang of hoodlums looking to force her into prostitution. She had come to Malaysia to escape a marriage fixed by her parents and meet her lover, who never turns up, leaving her stranded. The morning after, he realizes his folly and takes her back to her parents in India, hoping to get his 10 lakhs back. But he inevitably ends up falling in love with her and somehow tricks her into coming back to Malaysia. That's when things get more complicated with her boyfriend turning up in Malaysia, looking for her.

Director Prakash Tholeti has fleshed the narrative with all the usual filmi suspects - fights, songs, dances, comedy . . . the works. But they don't exactly blend in to make for that perfect potboiler effect. It's his first film and it shows. There are shades of his mentor, Sukumar, in the characterization.

Rana impresses with his dialogue delivery and voice modulation. He's pulled out all the stops and even tried his hand at full fledged dancing for the first time - he might just have found a commercially viable template. Genelia carries off her role with panache.

The music by Chakri ranges from hummable to good and complements the movie. On the flipside, there is hardly any romance in the film, which turns out to be a letdown in this commercial fare.

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