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Higher Education

Best Articles of the Year:  Higher Education

rand Gold Award
Yale University (Conn.) - Yale Alumni Magazine, "The Bird-Filled World of Richard Prum," by Cathy Shufro
Gold Awards
Amherst College (Mass.) - "Law and Order in Real Life," by Rand Richards Cooper
Denison University (Ohio) - Denison Magazine, "The Story of a Photograph," by James G. Hale
George Washington University (D.C.) - GW Magazine, "Saving Grace" by Danny Freedman and Matt Lindsay
Middlebury College (Vt.) - Middlebury Magazine, "In the Name of the Father" by Sierra Murdoch
Middlebury College (Vt.) - Middlebury Magazine, "This Man Has Created A Monster" by Kevin Charles Redmon
University of Notre Dame (Ind.) - Notre Dame Magazine, "The Rome of the Americas," by John Nagy
Silver Awards
Denison University (Ohio) - Denison Magazine, "The Case of Inmate No. A246292," by Alexander Gelfand
Middlebury College (Vt.) - Middlebury Magazine, "Banished to Paradise," by Zaheena Rasheed
University of Notre Dame (Ind.) - Notre Dame Magazine, "The Damage Done," by Jason Kelly
Bronze Awards
 College of Charleston (S.C.) - College of Charleston Magazine, "Off to See the Lizard," by Alicia Lutz
Johns Hopkins University (Md.) - Johns Hopkins Public Health, "Science of the Sexes" by Maryalice Yakutchik
University of Notre Dame (Ind.) - Notre Dame Magazine, "When Life Hangs in the Balance," by Peter Graham

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