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Love Stories in Real

Hey, you. Are you broken hearted? Or are you experiencing love and you feel like bursting you wanna share it with the whole world? Do you ever feel the need to share your love story, or perhaps you just feel the need to write down your experience, pour out your emotions, or maybe you want to get some opinions about what you’re going through at this point in your life. I know we can share our feelings and problems with a friend, a parent, or a sister… but sometimes, let’s admit it, these people know us so well, that they will always give advice or reactions based on our personality, or based on how they know us as a person. There will always be the thing called ‘BIASED‘. Right?
But think about it, don’t you ever wonder how another person might react to your story, when that person doesn’t know you? When that person doesn’t know your past, or background? Don’t you ever wonder if there are people out there experiencing what you’re going through right now? Don’t you wonder how they might handle the same situation? Do you ever feel the need to share a love problem, a thought, a situation, a heartbreak, a love story, but you don’t feel like sharing them with a friend, a sibling, or someone who knows you?
Sometimes it can be liberating and comforting to share your feelings with a stranger. Someone who wouldn’t judge you, someone who can just listen andsympathize with you. And best of all, you wouldn’t have to reveal yourself! You can just remain anonymous, and people won’t judge you because they don’t know you. Sometimes, it’s a refreshing thing to be given the chance to justpour everything out. You can show how angry you are, how happy you are, how sad and lonely you are… by writing a few lines, people will react based on your STORY, and not focus on YOU.
Please feel free to share your love problems on this page. I know there are lots of people out there, especially women, who are going through so much in their lives right now, may it be GOOD or BAD. We women have emotions that no men can ever completely fathom. So I’m inviting you to share your story… (Guys are welcome too!) It doesn’t have to be very long, just write whatever it is your heart tells you to write. Maybe you’re in a complicated situation with your partner, or you had a fight with your loved one, or maybe you feel so deeply in love with this person and you wanna share it with us, please feel free to write a comment here. I would LOVE to hear all about your stories. I’m here as a FRIEND, even though we don’t know each other. Although I can’t promise to respond to every story, know that I will read each and every one. Also, please feel free to give advice to posted problems that you think you can relate to. You never know who you can help with just a few words of wisdom. PEACE!

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