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Lip Gloss

Why Girls need Lip Gloss ?

and their personalities with specific taste and demand to look complete female with slight changes done on the facial region and Lip gloss (cosmetic) is one of that thing for them. As soon as a Lip Gloss is applied over the lips the lips starts shining with a subtle touch of colors applied too therein.
Lakme has introduced ‘Transferred resistance’ Lip Gloss and Lipsticks for women who could afford expensive cosmetic products. The unique ability of such technological changes in cosmetic industry is that the lipstick or gloss doesn’t leaves marks of the touch on a cup of coffee or tea or while consuming cold-drinks or Taking Wines (Liquor) in a champagne glass in grand gala parties; birthday parties; etc. Lakme is world’s finest cosmetic manufacturing company with millions of cosmetic products sold worldwide with much ease and satisfactory results to women all around the globe.

How Lip Gloss is Used ?

Lip Gloss is rather distributed as a viscous liquid cosmetic product in the domestic market. One shouldn’t be confused by comparing Lip Gloss with a Lip Balm. These two are poles apart from each other because the balm can be used as a cure to a lip as well sometimes such as certain herbal lip balms are available to cure the unwanted and unexpected cracks and lines emerging out over the lips of the ladies, they heal them by a specific process whereas Lip Gloss is only meant for extra shining of th elips when visiting public places. The features of a lip gloss is many such as: the gloss can be extremely clear without any notice to a stranger at the first look over the lips of a women and matching with the color of the lips as well (transparent) but can be translucent with complete hidden natural coloring of the lips and also comes along in various shades of opacity that might include; glittered; frosted and metallic looks. In this day and age women all around the world are recommending metallic looks more to attract the opposite sexes.

History of Lip Gloss

The first Lip Gloss was introduced in the world in the year 1932 which was termed in as ‘MAX FACTOR’. A lip gloss is usually available in a domestic market in a form of a tube size structure and there is a wand applicator format for understanding it thoroughly in the first instance.
A rounded or a sloped applicator is in the latest trend for lip gloss application process by the women community which is known upon as ‘Deerfoot Applicator’ which comes along with a built-in lipbrush or a finger tipped applicator. The Solid lip glosses comes in boxes and tubes and they sometimes blurr the distinction between a lip gloss and a lip balm.
The uniqueness of lip glosses is that some of the glosses have moisturizing benefits for the ultimate protection of the natural lips of a human-being and a lip gloss isn’t just used upon by women but men are also susceptible to apply lip glosses for moisturizing tendencies and to attract the opposite sexes as well. One of the actress in the early era has introduced a sunscreen based lip gloss for the community to accept its usage to look more attractive.
It became very famous overtime. Now various lip glosses are coming in various flavored ways for ex: strawberry gloss; Pink Lemonade; Watermelon shade & taste; Cotton candies; Dr.Pepper lip gloss; Red Raspberry; Strawberry Kiwi; Vanilla; marshmellow; Bubble gum flavor; Coca-cola flavored gloss; Sugar crystals; Pika Colada; etc.
The latest trend of speaking about Lip glosses doesn’t simply implies the same old saying for any cosmetic product as per today ladies started calling lip glosses as ‘Skittles Liquid Lip Smacker’. Different packaging is designed for catering to needs of different age groups in the women societies.

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