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Sleep Articles

How Sleep Affects Weight

Some people who have pulled a week’s worth of all-nighters may come back looking saggy and thinner, and they would knowingly tell you that it was the lack of sleep that made them lose weight. But does lack of sleep indeed cause weight loss?

Health Benefits of Sleep

As lifestyles get busier and more packed these days, the average person is almost always faced with the temptation of giving up on sleep to get more productivity. After all, the availability of more and more part-time, particularly home-based pursuits makes money-making not only possible but also a very attractive task.

Eat Right to Fight Insomnia

Insomnia, or the inability to fall asleep and possibly to stay asleep, is not only a frustrating condition, it can also affect one’s health in a myriad of ways. After all, sleep is the body’s natural way of repairing cells and rejuvenating itself for the tasks ahead, and anybody who has had any degree of sleep deprivation know to value it highly.

Do you have a Sleep Disorder?

Perhaps you are struggling with keeping your focus during the day and are wondering whether you can quit your job and just lounge around the house for the next month. Like many people, you can be perennially wishing for that vacation that you’ve been dreaming of, but even if you’ve already gone on leaves several times this year, you still feel exhausted and sick and tired of everything.

Sleep Talking Basics

You have likely seen this happen more than once in your life, and not just on TV, either: a friend, a partner, or a child talking in his sleep. Sometimes they may even interact with you, though you may have a good laugh when you talk to them about it the next day and they typically do not have any recollection of the event.

Sleepwalking FAQs

When a child talks in his sleep, parents usually find it amusing and will even try to talk to the child and have him talk back. But when he sleepwalks, parents sometimes do not know what to do, because they think the child is awake but is indeed asleep!

Sleep to Achieve Optimum Health

In the fast-paced lifestyles of today, many people have quickly disregarded sleep in lieu of other pleasures or responsibilities. After all, whereas ages ago, the lights went out early from lack of activity, nearly every city these days comes with many night hangouts as well as workplaces that work round-the-clock, whether in actuality or because of globalisation of tasks.

How to Get Better Sleep

Naturally, your mind and body follow a sleeping pattern that determines when you get sleepy and when you’re ready to wake up. This is also referred to as the “body clock”. There are several factors that can cause disturbance to the body clock, including your diet, your physical activities, and a lot more.

Emotional Causes of Insomnia

Insomnia is a very difficult condition to have. When a person is very tired, they desire sleep, but what if sleep doesn’t come? They wind up feeling more tired, and also cranky and stressed in the process.

Sleeping Properly: How much sleep do we need?

Since we undergo a lot of changes as we grow old and develop, our sleeping patterns change as well. If sleeping is an important natural phenomenon for all of us, then how much sleep do each of us need? What is the average sleep for the different age groups?

Fight Insomnia and Win

Not being able to fall asleep at a time when you feel most tired and needing rest is a frustrating situation. However, before you chalk yourself up as being a hopeless case, you may benefit from learning that there are simple ways to fight insomnia and win.

Improve Sleep by Exercising

Do you know that there is a natural way to improve the way you sleep? Exercise is very popular for achieving many goals, such as losing weight, improving emotional health, and the like. Do you know it can also help you sleep more soundly at night?

Sleeping Tips For Elderly People

Sleeping gets more and more important as you age because it gives the body time to repair cell damage that has occurred throughout the day.

How To Get A Good Nights Sleep

You would be surprised to know that diet plays a major factor. There are certain foods that can affect your sleep.

How Illnesses and Medical Disorders Can Affect Sleep

Diabetes, too, affects sleep in a negative way. It may cause night sweats, an urge to urinate, and cause a person to wake up.

General Tips to Help You Sleep Better at Night

Some people sleep better in a slightly warn room, and some sleep better in a slightly cooler temperature. So experiment and find out which one works better for you.

General Tips to Help You Sleep Well

Firstly, it’s a good idea to take regular exercise. Not only does it have many health benefits, it also makes it easier for you to fall asleep, and then sleep better.

Symptoms Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea sufferers are suspected to certain specific symptoms responsible in order to trigger the related contingencies such as snoring, behavioral pattern of disturbances in sleeping, obstructions of breathing carefully, feeling tired etc.

Stop snoring with asonor anti snore remedy

Most of them get headache often than others from time to time. There are various forms of headache and there are many other reasons that initiate the trouble of headache. They are even listed as a side effect by few medications whereas they can be the real side effects of a very serious medical trouble.

Anti snoring with snoring treatment

Breathing is a process which intakes oxygen into the body and delivers out carbon dioxide. In medical terms, normal breathing is termed as eupnoea whereas a brief pause in breathing is termed as Apnea.

5 Top Most Reasons and Causes for Snoring

Earlier we had covered Snoring in Kids, which you may like to see before reading this article. So here are the 5 Most Common Reasons and Causes for Snoring.

Why sleeping is Important for you

One thing anyone in the medical science will tell you is that if human beings (and most other mammals alike) don’t get enough sleep they become ill and can even die.

Facts about Snoring and How to avoid it

When you are very young, you believe that snoring is an old-age flaw! You must have heard your grandmother complaining of her husband’s night noises which bothered her sleep on a regular basis.

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